Walter Masocha & Philemon Banda

Jean started a blog about herself and her hurts, and as she rightly say, because even Paul says to the Galatians who has bewitched you Galatians, so I say who has bewitched you people, as if you dont know. You got tempted and you went for it. Let me be honest here, the people in Agape are mostly, not all of them, individuals or families who were desperate for one or two things like papers. Walter being Walter he came along and said he was the immigration officer and that attracted not only christian but everyone. The attraction was never Jesus, no it was the promise of so called miracles. By the way you have to be Zimbabwean -or maybe African- to understand how a Zimbabwean person functions; a Zimbabwean would rather go to a n’anga to ask about things they already know because in his/her mind there has to be some spirit doing this. Now the problem we have today with the so called prophets is that they glory in queues at their homes which to me is no different than the witch doctors, yet the bible teaches that ‘go and make disciples’ Its a Zimbabwean thing to go to n’anga even when someone has died of a snake bite. The snake must have been sent, thats what they say. Now people like Masocha, Philemon Banda -who needs his own blog because of what he continues to do even today despite claiming he has been helped and deceiving so many single & married women in order to get them separated so he can take the divorce settlements- have realised that they dont need to be openly practising n’anga to make it, oh no they need to read the bible and oh boy do they. After they read the bible they use their natural gift, great orators, you must listen to Philemon Banda preach you will think God has come down but just watch how many women he is sleeping with – even boasting that he is sugar mutape. To those of us who know these individuals they are on their father’s (the devil) crusade deceiving people like you and them being deceived even more. They have become devil incarnate. The problem is you who follow them because you are after what they are promising you, obviously you wont stop until you get what you want. You never really came into a relationship with Jesus otherwise on the day he launched you should have asked yourself that this guy is full of himself and has the guts to put a picture (which had nothing on it) claiming God – see he is sitting on the chair.

To you leadership if you are truly as you are supposed to be including Walter you all now have a responsibility to us the christian community to be accountable for moral issues, for financial issues and treatment of fellow brethren. We beseech you by the mercies of God to consider it in your heart to publicly give an explanation of these matters that your own house is become like an open sepulchure. It is our right firstly as christian for you all to do the right thing failure of which we believe that Walter as a professional accountant you as an individual seem to have violated the code of conduct that you subscribe to. There is a lot to loose if we just stay on this one. We also feel that the matter of finances should be handed over to the relevant authorities for possible misuse of  funds. I do not see that you as a professional you put yourself in good standing on these matters. I equally do not feel that were we to apply that Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, it would leave you in good standing.

Now I turn my attention to those who have been privy to the dealings and the going on in this church, I know for a fact that initially funds were collected and deposited in your Halifax account, when you were already operating as a church. Well my question is that you received into your personal account donations from church members how has that initial phase been accounted. I remember being bypassed when it came to where to deposit collections because you would have known I wouldnt have taken that as I am qualified to comment on such matters.

I would conclude by saying that there are very serious matters here that no one may not be able to roll back the wheels that have gone in motion, my appeal is to those who have ‘inside information’ the law protects you under PIDA 1998, you can and are protected by law when you disclose information of public interest and you can remain anonymous (its a choice). Let me be honest people like Walter Masocha & Philemon Banda sometimes need someone to stop them because they destroy too many people and we just say God will deal with them what about those they destroy and the name of my God they put to shame. wake up, Child of God. Philemon Banda is a serial sexual predator (and from what I gather on this blog Walter Masocha too), having them locked up is only that they may find help and not destroy our families as they continue to do. Paul even went onto the level of giving up another one of this kind to the devil so he can save his soul. But you people keep quoting scripture that you have been brainwashed about so you dont question this abuse. Stop Walter Masocha & Stop Philemon Band they continue to wrech homes


Comment (hewasmydaddy blog)

Hey I have seen this too often and am totally amazed at how most Zimbos are dogmatic, lack ability to think for themselves, easily deceived with what are termed miracles or so called man of god (with a small g as always). The bible teaches us that if anyone comes and teaches a gospel that is contrary to this let him be.. The true gospel is the bible. I have known people like Walter for a long while. Here is what I have seen in this ministry; I have never been a fan of Forward in Faith (where he came from) but a friend regularly attended special meetings, like a visiting pastor is coming. One of these meetings which as usual I stayed away from, my friend informed me to come and see, which I was not keen but after much persuasion I obliged and attended the meeting. The thing I noticed this day kind of really surprised me. It was how much the women were hugged by the pastor, I mean real hugging. As we went back I recall saying that this was not right for a man (forgive my SRB -(strong rural background) – background). Uku kubata hakusiri right uku, tichaona kwazvinopedzera, so I said. I have noticed this a growing trend. Kana uri mudzimai wako unotoona kuti akanyambundikirwa. Hey murume akangotarisa, akwete, namai vacho vakangotarisa hanzi ndidaddy vari kuhugger vana vavo. Imi vanhuwe vhuraiwo mese enyu mhani. Iye mufundisi anoda kuita counselling ega nemunhu kadzi mumba yakavharwa komai mufundisi varipi. Kana nemiwo varume kutodzivirira vanhu padoor musadisturbe daddy vari musurgery. Ho zviya ndiDoctor weiko, miviri yevanhu, mweya kana accounts. I don’t blame this guy or no I blame imi mamembers eAgape muri kumupembedza, especially you husbands you are so blinded that you have been bought by a mere piece of yellow suit and when you put it on you feel that you have put on God and you go around the world preaching about the suit as if you had exhausted preaching about Jesus. This is a Zimbabwean problem its been there for a very long time. Its built in power and control, ladding yourself with titles as if those titles took you to heaven. Church should be building and not destroying. I have always had a concept of a church as simple as this. The church is like a hospital where people who are sick come and get treated. The only outcome is that they should get treated and get better and go back home. But unfortunately many are dying there. Church is the place where I get renewed and empowered inorder to advance myself in life and in God. But these churches have become the synagogues of satan where instead of getting better you are actually injected with a further dose to your detriment. The time it takes to notice that you are dying slowly is so long, if ever you find out otherwise you join the team that defend individuals like these. Here is a classic link of what eventually happens to these guys see link Pastor in N. Ireland sex scandal You can suppress something for a time but eventually it will come out. I hear that this guy has gone so bad that he just moves around enticing women particularly those divorcing. Look people are so naïve that even after these guys are so exposed they still quote that verse – touch the anointed one. I want to say to us all God is on the throne, he will expose all wrong doing and when he does you will all know. To those Christians who happen to have access to these people I have always said I have no bones to chew with anyone, if they come across my path I will always tell them or question them. The problem is that you are afraid of another man and you don’t have the guts to tell them the truth even when you see that they are hell bound because you too are. Mwana wenyoka inyoka, so there is no difference between you and your father. You are comfortable in this place because you can still be going to church on sunday but continuing with those very same things that are aborminable before God. You have just found someone you can call pastor but the truth is you are hiding the things that even your wife doesn’t know. This is the only place you can still do that. To you ladies bring some dignity to your marriages refuse these ungodly hugs. It is in these that in appropriate touching exist and cannot be publicly discussed. There are many women out there who have been inappropriately exposed by these same individuals because they are so cunning and deceptive. Wake up Christians and learn to hear from God for yourselves. The problem is you think God is like n’angas where you go to inquire from, and he tells you the same things that you know and you turn around and say – hey anoona uyu. Ndizvo zviri kuitika with these people today. WAKE UP WAKE UP before its too late.